What can an orange and an onion possibly have in common? Think about it for a minute. When peeled, both speak of letting go.

The orange has a thick peel that once removed, the fruit is ready to eat. Juicy, sweet fruit. If we compare this to downsizing our stuff when it’s not overtaking our home, we can enjoy the results faster.

The onion, on the other hand, once peeled still has many layers, like the many layers of an overcrowded house or life. The more we peel away, the more there are to deal with.

Consider commitments. By agreeing to be involved in every activity that comes our way, we never get to the reward. We’re too busy running to meetings or activities with our children. Or, if TV takes up all of our time, the onion continues to produce layers of busy-ness.

If we’re dealing with downsizing our home, the onion’s layers can be our trek down memory lane. There may be tears as we pull away the layers, but this can be cathartic and healing. Dealing with nostalgia is good.

By keeping the memory alive and allowing the items to go is growth. As this takes over our consciousness, we will begin to see the value of the onion. Peeling away layers of commitments or stuff that has filled our lives brings freedom.

Instead of going through all that, let’s reward ourselves with the juicy orange by downsizing our lives and space regularly? We can still stroll down memory lane and enjoy the healing without living with the onion’s never-ending layers.

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